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Every Student Can Make A Difference

Keynote or Assembly

In this interactive musical/motivational keynote or assembly Jake will inspire your students to make a difference in their school, organization or community. Whether the problem is school bullying, drugs and alcohol, or anything else the real solution is individual students standing up to make a difference. Every student can make a difference to those around them by making positive choices and standing up for what they believe is right!

How To Be A Rock Star Student Leader

Keynote or Workshop

In this interactive musical/motivational keynote or workshop Jake will help your leaders go from great student leaders to Rock Star Student Leaders! He will share the 5 keys to Rock Star Student Leadership in a fun and memorable way. Your students will walk away with a new view of what they can do as student leaders and how they can work together to make their schools, organizations and communities a better place!

What People Say

  • We had the pleasure of having Jake Ballentine as our keynote speaker for our California FBLA Leadership Development Institute, North, conference. Jake did a fantastic job presenting to our 900 student leaders, and was the perfect way to kick off our conference. Jake was inspiring and engaging. He did a great job using his unique blend of music and speaking to deliver a powerful message. Jake was very easy to work with and conducted himself in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend him for any leadership event!

    Pamela Stalley CA FBLA Management Team President
    Northern Section Director

  • Jake did a tremendous job in his presentation to our school. His message was exactly what our students needed to hear. His ability to tie together personal stories and life lessons kept our students focused and attentive throughout the presentation.

    Chris Walster ASB Advisor Lakewood High School, Lakewood, WA

  • Should someone ask me about bringing Jake Ballentine to their event, I would say, “DO IT!” Jake received rave reviews from not only the students and advisers attending our FCCLA Regional Meeting, but also with my school’s administration. Jake does a fantastic job relating to the students, as well as keeping them engaged and active during his presentation.

    Ashley Witte FCCLA Regional Adviser, Tipton MO

  • I have been teaching for 34 years and that was one of the best assemblies I have ever seen!

    Joe Johnston Colchester Middle School, Colchester, VT

  • Jake Ballentine was able to get through to what can sometimes be a cynical age of students. His message was uplifting, inspiring and was a really positive influence on our student body. I highly recommend Jake to any school!

    Chip Romer Director of Credo High School in Rohnert Park, CA


Jake Ballentine is America’s leading musical motivational speaker, a professional recording artist and a national award-winning speaker. He uses interactive live music to relay a powerful message to youth. His unique approach will affirm your students and give them the confidence to live out their potential in school and in life.

As a young student Jake was considered “learning disabled” and struggled throughout school. Through the help of great mentors and a commitment to succeed he was able to overcome his challenges and went from being a kid that could barely read to a successful college graduate, professional musician and business owner.

The content is essential and the delivery is unforgettable. Jake has a special ability to engage youth through music and his fun demeanor. Your students will walk away from this experience with a changed view of themselves and the world around them. Jake’s ability to connect with youth is a rare gift that you don’t want your audience to miss.



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